With Sunlux Roof Windows, you can count on some of the most creative and innovative window solutions available on the market. Using the latest technologies, we can craft amazing bespoke products for all of our London clients. But we don't just deal with regular old windows - Sunlux Roof Windows is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of skylights and roof windows!

Roof Windows are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. As unique home shapes that include slopes become more and more the norm, along with the growing interest in lofts, windows that take full advantage of these circumstances are becoming necessary. Skylights and roof windows are perfect for that. With a unique aluminium profile and a double-glazing unit of your choice, you too can have an ideal window that will bring in even more light into your home than a regular window ever could.

Choose from a variety of designs. We offer bespoke window services for all our clients. Our aluminium skylights and roof windows can be customise to your liking. We can powder-colour your frame into any colour you may wish, but we also offer a flush, frameless design that is both reliable and elegantly contemporary in its design.

If your home has a flat roof, you can make your interiors even brighter with our flat roof windows and skylights. They can blend in perfectly into any roof, creating a sleek modern look while still providing all the required functionality. With our skylights and roof windows, made using the latest technology, you can even save energy!

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