Basement conversion


Basement conversion is a great alternative to boost your living option when there is no possibility of remodelling the attic. The space underneath your house is a treasury of opportunities that can dramatically change your living environment. At the same time the process is not easy – it’s quite complex and demanding. That is the reason this path should be only followed by a side of a truly professional company, like Deko Construction Ltd.

The area under your home has a great potential and with our little help you can take an advantage of it in many different ways. Your basement can become your home spa, amazing home cinema, a gym or just a traditional room. The first thing is to understand the potential of that space and then enhance it by choosing the most optimal solution.

After the conversion your basement should look like a part of your house that has been always been there. An interior balcony on the ground floor will definitely make it look much more spectacular and add a modern dash to your space. At the same time it will connecting the whole building. Finding a trustworthy partner for that difficult process is the first step to success. Choosing cooperation with Deko Construction Ltd you are choosing the impressive final of your basement conversion.