What to Keep in Mind Choosing the Perfect Sash Window for Your Home


Like many other home products, windows are not just what they used to be. In this case, they’ve slowly evolved and this is a good thing. Sure, its main function - providing access to fresh air and natural light - remains the same, but refined materials and improved details in today's products put a lot of control at your fingertips. Not only can you get a wide range of standard shapes, sizes and designs, but the product is also likely designed for performance levels that can't match old windows. So, if you’re thinking about getting the perfect sash windows for your home to replace the old ones, now is a perfect time, and this article will help you!

Double-Hung and Single-Hung Sash Windows - What Do You Need to Know?

The traditional double-hung and single-hung designs are still the most common for new construction and remodelling. Double-hung windows feature a pair of movable joints that slide vertically inside the window frame; single-hung models also feature an upper and lower case, but only the lower case is movable (since single-hung windows are less in demand and production capacity is lower, single hung sash windows don’t offer a cost advantage over double-hung windows).

They are the most common types of sash windows, and you’ll be able to easily get your hands on them in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want a more traditional look, but a window that still provides adequate lighting and air, this is the way to go! Check out any sash window store - like this Sash windows East London manufacturing company - and you’ll find tons of styles and sizes that are suitable for every home!

What’s The Difference Between Casement and Sash Windows?

Casement - Casement windows focus on hinges, as doors do to some extent, but they usually swing outside and are controlled by a manual crank mechanism installed on the windowsill. The case shapes tend to be tall and narrow. The air ventilation is quite good if you take into account the window’s size, given that the cap fluctuations are entirely opened. But due to casement windows opening to the outside, generally, it can easily allow huge amounts of rain to come in - it is not a good window type if you live in a really rainy area!

Casement windows are very common and a clear alternative to sash windows - which one should you choose for your rooms? Well, casement windows generally provide more ventilation and air circulation due to being capable of fully opening. On the other hand, sash windows are more flexible and can be installed almost anywhere.

Which one sounds right for you? You should ask yourself that, weigh the pros and cons, look up the price, and then finally make up your decision!

Are All Sash Windows Created Equal?

Clearly not! Not all Sash windows are created equal - the material used to manufacture the sash window will have a deep impact on the quality of the Sash window. What’s the frame made out of? What are the characteristics of the window pane? Is the sash window double or triple-paned? These are all questions you need to ask yourself and answer before making the final purchasing decision.

Sadly, most people don’t know enough about windows, and they’ll pick whichever window is the cheapest and go with that, but this might be harmful long term and create a horrible experience for you short-term. The quality of windows you install in your home is important and you need to act like it!