How can you give your interior design a makeover?

interior design

Nowadays we spend more time in our homes than ever before. And for many homeowners, one of the effects of this situation is the fact that they started noticing things about the interior design of their houses that they used to simply ignore. The rising interest in renovations and redecorations is not really a surprise then, but there is one surprising trend - the popularity of DIY projects. Of course, you won’t be able to convert a loft or replace your windows without getting help from professionals, but there are many simpler projects that you can tackle on your own to give your home a complete makeover.

Decorate with light

If you were to make a list of all the things that influence the way your home looks, lighting would most likely be pretty high on this list. Both natural and artificial lighting can completely transform your rooms - you can choose the placement and the intensity of the light to create a specific atmosphere based on the purpose of each room, but you can also use it as decoration. How can you do it? It really depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve, but one of the most effective methods is using LED strip lights - they can be easily implemented into almost any interior design, they are quite easy to install, and they offer great results at a relatively low cost. You can create interesting patterns on your walls, brighten your staircase, or add more light to your kitchen with under cabinet lighting. Everything you need to add LED lights to your interior design can be found on

Move things around

Even the most beautiful and interesting interior design may start looking boring and unappealing after a while - not because it loses its beauty, but rather because people can often get bored of things they are already familiar with. But before you decide to replace every single piece of furniture in your home and throw out all of the decorative elements you used to love, take a minute to give your interior design a second chance. You can simply change the layout to give your room a completely new look without replacing any of the things in it - there’s a chance that moving things around and changing the placement of your furniture will be enough to make you appreciate your interior design once more.

Add more room

Of course, it’s not possible to actually gain more living space without starting a serious renovation project like building an extension or converting your unused attic into a habitable loft. But even if you cannot make your rooms physically bigger, you can visually enlarge them to appear significantly bigger than they actually are. Using optical illusions in interior design is a great trick that can transform even a small and gloomy room into a spacious and airy space. And, what’s even more important, creating such an illusion is easy enough for you to manage it on your own - simply pick a light colour for your walls, white is probably the most effective, but you can try using other light shades as well. Combining white walls with mirrors and high-gloss furniture while also letting a lot of sunlight into your home will help you make your room look bigger.

Use your free time to change a few things around the house or plan a complete redecoration to give your house a makeover - whichever option you choose, remember that it’s your own home, and you’re the one who should find it appealing. Don’t focus too much on what’s in style - go with solutions you like to create an interior design that you’ll be happy with!